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steirischer herbst 2002
visual arts

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Der Tod und das Mädchen I-III
Three princess dramas by Elfriede Jelinek
Austrian première
I directed by     Brigitte Landes
II directed by     Marc von Henning
III directed by     Ruedi Häusermann
Stage set     Magdalena Gut
Location   Schauspielhaus Graz
Première   26. 10. 2002, 7 p.m.
Further performances   27., 29. 10. und 13., 14., 16., 20., 22. 11. 2002, 7 p.m.
Coproduction    steirischer herbst and Schauspielhaus Graz

Elfriede Jelinek’s princess dramas revolve ingeniously around the subjects of truth, politics and art. The first part – a paraphrase of Snow White – already gets into the thick of it: the girl and Death philosophize on what is true, good and beautiful, themes recurrently referenced by artists, who immediately defend their standpoint when presented with evidence to the contrary. In the second part, the author takes up the Sleeping Beauty theme to take a metaphorical look at Austria, the “little, fat, pretty, harmless country kissed awake by Prince Haider” (Jelinek). In the third and final playlet – a paraphrase of Helmina von Chezy’s drama Rosamunde, for which Franz Schubert wrote the incidental music – Elfriede Jelinek reflects on her own, very personal situation as an artist and woman. The Austrian première of the trilogy in Graz also sets out to reflect the different aspects of the very individual theatre aesthetics of the most important contemporary playwright. Hence, the evening will be designed by three directors who approach Jelinek’s theatre cosmos from very different angles in their productions: via language, via audio-visual media and via music.

Tickets: 2,50 - 27,50 €, reduced: 2,50 - 13, 75 €

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